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Cherry Pearl is a  mother-daughter run business. 

Cherise's Story


Can't find the right bra for you?

This has been the story of my life!!! I've always been 'flat chested', bar my pregnancies and breastfeeding periods, and struggled endlessly to find a bra that fitted me. I tried so many bras-filling them with socks, 'chicken fillets' and tissues, I just wanted something that fitted, but mostly...I just wanted to feel like a woman; feminine and dare I say 'sexy?' None of these bras made me feel like this. 

But I found these seamless bralettes when I started breastfeeding my first son. They were so comfortable and I didnt feel like I needed to take it off at the end of the day. (What happens when I(and most women) feel like doing at the end of the day when wearing underwire bras). Best of all it fitted! I have not touched an underwire bra since! 

So when I came across these seamless bras with some strap detail, I fell in love!!! I feel comfortable, feminine and yes, sexy! I feel like a woman! I also love that these strappy bralettes add detail to any outfit.

Desiree's Story

Through my daughters positive influence, I considered wearing non-underwire bras and found them to be so comfortable. Its not always about the lift but more about looking and feeling natural and comfortable. And of course the strappy detail is an added bonus, adding a little extra interesting detail to ones outfit. 

Not only are we mother and daughter but we are also the best of friends and share an incredible relationship. We're always encouraging each other to push our boundaries when it comes to self limitations. I love my daughter and am very proud of her.

Let's be friends!!!

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